Kids Fun City is your place for family fun, and that means the entire family.  While our bigger friends are entertained with our Arcade Zone and award-winning attractions like Atomic Rush, don’t think we’ve forgotten about our smaller friends!  Our Toddler Area with its Inflatable Play Structure is designed to allow our smaller friends, ages 12 months to 3 years old, to enjoy a fun day at Kids Fun City, as well!


Our toddler area comes complete with an inflatable play structure; a jump ‘n slide bouncing experience that offers extra fun!  Kids love jumping around in the structure, sliding and bouncing around to their hearts’ content.  It provides hours of fun, especially for those toddlers with seemingly limitless energy.   It’s padded and safe, as well, so your kids can play without you having to worry.

Our toddler area is filled with other toys for our younger friends, as well!  From a mini Home Depot work station to a play kitchen, floor play mats, trampolines and a variety of other toddler toys, there’s plenty to interact with and plenty to do to keep kids entertained for hours.


Our gated toddler area is conveniently located right next to our seating and our snack bar.  Sit down, enjoy a coffee, and let your kids occupy themselves with our wide variety of play options.


At Kids Fun City, we pride ourselves on being the top place for family fun; we’re the best indoor playground in Toronto.  That means appealing to all parts of the family, which is why we’re proud of our toddler area.  We hope kids of all ages will enjoy everything we have to offer.  For your child’s next birthday party or special occasion, or just for a fun-filled afternoon, come down to Kids Fun City and experience everything we have to offer.