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Lazer Frenzy: Why It’s a Great Workout For Kids

Kids need to be active. We all know this, but sometimes it can be hard to motivate kids to get going. While smaller children seem to be constantly on the move, school-age kids start living a more sedentary life. But as parents and caregivers, it’s our job to motivate them to move. So, how is this possible? The best way to provide a great workout for kids is by making it fun. And Lazer Frenzy is non-stop fun. There’s a maze! With Lazer Frenzy, kids are always on the move. After choosing one of the four types of mazes, kids [...]

Lazer Frenzy: Why It’s a Great Workout For Kids2019-02-19T03:46:28+00:00

How To Plan A Birthday Party at Kids Fun City

A child’s birthday party is an event like no other. It is a day of pure joy and anticipation. The date is counted down to almost the entire year, and each kid gets to feel important on their special day. However, behind the scenes can be a lot of worry and stress on the part of parents. Who to invite, where to host it, what to feed the kids: all need to be decided on. To eliminate. Save some of the stress; why not plan a birthday party at Kids Fun City? Decide on Numbers The most important part of [...]

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How To Have Fun In The Snow With Your Kids

Ask any parent which season they like the least and chances are the answer will be Winter. Winter is cold, it’s hard to do much outside, and it takes forever to get all the snow gear on. When you’re an adult, Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and have a chill day. But kids seem to have a boundless amount of energy and can never sit still for very long. So, instead of dreading Winter, it’s time for parents to embrace it. Here are some ways you can have fun in the snow with [...]

How To Have Fun In The Snow With Your Kids2019-01-18T21:39:32+00:00

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Next Visit To Kids Fun City

Whether you need to escape from a cold winter’s day or cool off after a hot summer day, Kids Fun City is the perfect place for your kids to run around and have fun. If it’s your first time to Kids Fun City, or you need a refresher on what we have to offer, here are some important tips to make the most our of your next adventure. Plan Ahead Choice is great, but when you’re a little kid, too many choices can be overwhelming. To make the most out of your visit to Kids Fun City, have a little [...]

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How To Countdown The New Year With Young Children

Staying up to midnight is a fun tradition, but with children, not always practical. If you want to ring in the new year with your kids, but also have them not be cranky, sleep-deprived monsters the next day, here are a few family-friendly activities you can do. Count Down to a Different Time Zone If you live in the Western Hemisphere, you’re one of the last people to countdown to midnight. This means that other places, like Beijing, Paris, and London will have already counted down. You can livestream or record these celebrations and then use them for an earlier [...]

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Best New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

A new year means a chance to start new habits that will hopefully continue throughout the year. And new year’s resolutions are not just for adults. Children can get in on this habit. Here are a few ideas to get your child started. Limit Screen Time Limiting screen time is arguably the number one issue that parents struggle with. Today’s generation lives on the internet and there are many benefits that it has, but too often screen time comes at the cost of creativity, activity, and socialization. When talking about screen time with your children, make sure they are involved [...]

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4 Fun Indoor Activities for Children

The cold, wet, dark months of winter fast approaching. As a result, it can be hard to find new ways to entertain children. And children with too much energy and nowhere to release it usually leads to a lot of frustration. This is true for both for children and parents. Here are four fun indoor activities that you can do with your children over the winter months. Miniature Golf Miniature golf is a fun sport to play with kids, and most courses are thankfully inside. You can play a few rounds, have a bite to eat, and even check out [...]

4 Fun Indoor Activities for Children2018-11-18T03:47:52+00:00

Christmas Traditions for Active Children

There are many great Christmas traditions to be had with your children, but a lot of them require focus and attention, which can be too much for active children. Instead of dismissing your child’s need to move and be active, embrace it with a few of these fun Christmas traditions for active children. Create a Wreath A Christmas wreath is the perfect decoration for any door, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive, store-bought product. Instead, take your antsy children out into the woods (or neighbourhood park) and start collecting. There will be plenty of cedar and spruce boughs, [...]

Christmas Traditions for Active Children2018-11-18T03:42:44+00:00

5 Creative Halloween Treats For Kids

Halloween is the perfect time to get seriously creative with your kids. Change up your normal snack routine with some fun, Halloween-themes eats. These five creative Halloween treats for kids are a nice blend of nutrition and indulgence that will make everyone smile. Pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies treats Rice Krispies treats are a perennial favorite for kids. Turn them into one of our creative Halloween treats for kids by mixing in a bit of orange food die. Then, instead of placing the mixture in a pan, roll scoops of it into small balls. You can add a few chocolate chips to [...]

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How To Keep Kids Active But Safe

Safety is priority number one with kids, but it’s a fine line between being safety aware and becoming the dreaded helicopter parent. Here are a few ways to keep kids active but safe so that they can enjoy all the fun that childhood has to offer. Use appropriate language and stress that while children are safe, it’s always good to idea to prepare your child just in case. Protect the Head Head trauma can have lasting results, and sadly, its symptoms are often missed. Children should always wear a helmet when they are on a bike or scooter, and this [...]

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