fun-activities-for-kidsSpring has finally arrived. After a long winter, you and your family are ready for fun spring activities. Kids Fun City knows that you want the best for your children, and that includes making happy memories through family fun. Check out these fun activities for kids this spring!

15 Nature Fun Activities

After months of snow and frigid temperatures, kids will love seeing the return of birds, flowers, and wildlife this spring. These fun activities for kids are great for the nature lovers in your family!

  1. Be a bird detective and look for local birds near your home
  2. Create your own bingo cards and identify different bird calls by playing Bird Call Bingo
  3. Design your own bird house with recycled materials like an old milk jug, cardboard, or scrap wood. Paint it in bright colors and put the birdhouse outside for your feathered friends
  4. Make easy squirrel puppets with scrap paper and popsicle sticks
  5. Design a simple bird feeder with an old bowl or plate. Paint it and then place it in your backyard or balcony. Fill with seeds or bread crumbs and see what creatures come
  6. Begin seedlings indoors. Start with simple plants like microgreens or green beans
  7. Have a camping night in your backyard or living room, complete with S’mores
  8. Go for a virtual nature walk
  9. Chalk pictures of your favorite animals on the sidewalk
  10. Keep a nature book for leaf clippings, drawings of flowers, and nature observations
  11. Observe an ant colony
  12. Build a bird bath with a large plastic tub or giant bowl
  13. Enjoy outdoor yoga as a family in your backyard or balcony
  14. Create a backyard or indoor scavenger hunt
  15. Create a mobile out of found materials like feathers, shells, rocks, and sticks

Top 10 Exercise Activities!

Don’t forget to exercise! Our Kids Fun City knows that you want to keep your kids active. Here are some great ways to stay active and energetic this spring. Rain or shine, enjoy these fun activities for your family.

  1. Play a game of hide n Seek
  2. Try indoor yoga with Cosmic Yoga for Kids on YouTube
  3. Play charades
  4. Play modified family sports games in your backyard, living room, or basement life balloon volleyball or hockey with one goal
  5. Enjoy dance video games
  6. Jam on musical instruments together
  7. Try kids exercise videos on YouTube
  8. Play the lava game with your kids
  9. Create an indoor obstacle course
  10. Enjoy a family dog walk

Keep your family happy and active with these fun kid’s activities. Create wonderful memories for years to come. Be active together. Enjoy each moment.

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