Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for kids for a reason. After a (hopefully) long night of sleep, their bodies need more fuel to start the day. And, when you add in school, they need to have enough energy to focus and learn in the morning. These recipes to start the day healthy will keep your kids happy and focused.

Jazzed up granola

Granola may be a tasty treat for adults, but for kids it looks more like squirrel food. Create a make-your-own granola station in the morning. Have little bowls of oats, various seeds, and sliced nuts. They can add their own ratios to it. Also set out fresh fruit or yogurt. This way kids get to create their own meal, which they will be more likely to enjoy and finish.

For your part, make sure the ingredients available have as little extra salt or sugar as possible. Put out almond slivers or seeds that haven’t been salted after being roasted. Provide plain yogurt if possible. If your child really likes flavored yogurt, it’s better to opt for one that is low in sugar rather than low in fat. Good fat, as can be found in Greek yogurt, is important to maintain a healthy balance in kids. Once you know that all the options available are nutritious, it doesn’t matter what your kids choose.

Egg bites

Eggs are packed with important protein but making eggs in the morning can be a bit of a chore. If your morning routine doesn’t include enough time to scramble eggs and deal with the cleanup, you can make egg bites ahead of time. Simple scramble some eggs and pour them in muffin tins (greased). Add ham, sausage, or vegetables. Then, place in the oven until the eggs have cooked. You can store these egg bites fresh for a few days or pop them in the freezer and take out the night before.

Not only will your kids have a delicious, healthy meal for themselves, but they can also help you prepare and cook them ahead of time.

Breakfast popsicles

Who said popsicles are only a treat? Whip together these easy breakfast snacks and they’re perfect for when it’s hot outside, or you’re on the go. Combine plain Greek yogurt with a mixture of your child’s favorite fruit. Add in some chia seeds. Place the mixture in popsicle molds and you can take them out anytime they are needed.

This is another easy breakfast meal that can be made ahead of time, with the help of your kids. It’s the perfect option if you’re juggling between soccer games or if you’ve fed everyone but have that child that decides they’re still hungry.