family-activities-at-homeTired of kids complaining, “I’m bored!” Sometimes finding fun family activities at home can be difficult. What can the kids do? The team at Kids Fun City cares about your family. We created this fun list of activities for you and your family. Enjoy making new memories. Never worry about being bored again.

The Ultimate List of Boredom Busters

We know you want the best for your kids. Our list of affordable family activities at home can be adapted to any age group. Don’t worry about budget. Many of these activities don’t require you to buy anything. Make the most of what you have. Make the most of your time with your kids. And avoid boredom!

  1. Finger-painting with bright washable paints
  2. Paint inspirational messages on rocks
  3. Jam on musical instruments
  4. Karaoke on YouTube
  5. Do a kid friendly YouTube exercise class together
  6. Draw with chalk on dark paper
  7. Create a massive art collage with poster board and objects around the house like pieces of fabric, magazines, stickers, and wrapping paper
  8. Create a vision board for “When I Grow Up”
  9. Sock puppet plays
  10. Take advantage of educational apps
  11. Learn a foreign language like Spanish together using Duolingo and other apps
  12. Make homemade salt dough (1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, and add water until pliable, use food coloring to make colorful dough)
  13. Write a letter to family, friends, and teachers
  14. Create a giant “All About Me” collage with favorite things
  15. Have a stuffed animal fashion show
  16. Make a family book club on a specific topic like nature or space. Once a week share what books everyone has read on the topic. Read books to younger children
  17. Write a series of silly songs
  18. Make paper dolls
  19. Create a city metropolis out of cardboard boxes then pretend to be Godzilla and knock them down (great for toddlers and preschoolers)
  20. Film a family talent show and share with friends on social media
  21. Journal
  22. Play Apples to Apples
  23. Learn fun magic tricks with cards and daily objects with a magic book or online video tutorials
  24. Try homemade science experiments
  25. Explore new cultures with fun new recipes
  26. Play Truth or Dare
  27. Board game marathons
  28. Movie marathon night. Watch your favorite series from Star Wars to Avengers from beginning to end with popcorn, of course
  29. Yoga with Cosmic Kids
  30. Make a giant alien Lego world

Kids Fun City Cares About Toronto

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