The days are finally getting longer and there’s no more chill in the air. It can only mean one thing: spring has finally arrived! If you want to enjoy this time with your children, here are four after dinner spring activities that the whole family can partake in.

Ride a bike

There’s very little that encapsulates the joys of childhood than riding a bike. Whether it’s a two-wheeled bike, a balance bike, or a tricycle, take a little journey around the block with your wheels. If your child is old enough and can keep pace, dust off your own bike and hit the local trails. If not, it’s just as good to walk along side and offer encouragement. Whatever the mode of transportation, enjoy the thrill of a good bike ride.

Nature Walk

There are so many sights to see in nature and especially springtime. If there’s a pond or stream nearby, keep your eyes out for freshly hatched ducklings. There may even be a turtle or two just emerged from their eggs. Birds are out in full force in the spring, and if you can, take a trip to the library to find a bird guide and see what local species are flying around your neighbourhood.


Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, it is always a good time to read a book. You may think that warmer weather automatically means outside time, but there will always be a place for reading. In fact, if your little one insists on spending time outside, why not take the book outside, too. Create a little picnic area with a cozy pillow and blanket and snuggle up together. If it gets too dark, you can always use a flashlight which will lead to more interest.

Reading your favorite books is always a win, but try to incorporate new spring-themed books as well. The library will have tons of books, both fiction and non-fiction. It’s the perfect way to bring everything spring-related together. After finding a caterpillar during a nature walk, you can read about caterpillars and the metamorphosis to butterflies.

Reading time is also a time of reflection. Talk about the day you had with your child. It is one of many great spring activities to see the world through her eyes. You never know, you might be surprised with what she found important and what she didn’t.

Bath Time

If a child has truly earned his bath time then that means he had an incredibly fun day. Yes, spills and messes can mean a lot of clean-up for parents, but it also means a lot of exploration and learning for children. A little dirt never hurt anyone, and a good scrub in the bath will take care of any leftover grime. As an added benefit, the bath is a great play place. It’s a change for children to experiment with water. Invest in a few fun bath toys like different sized cups, some plastic boats and ducks, and even a few waterproof books. It will result in a fun activity that just happens to get them clean.