Birthday parties need a bit of planning to succeed. They only come around once a year, but they can still take parents by surprise. If you need to put together a party but want as little hassle as possible, here are four of the best places for kids birthday parties.

Playground and Park

Need a place where the kids can burn off all that cake energy? A playground is the perfect place for a kid’s birthday party. Sometimes birthday parties can have a pretty big guest list, and if you have kids of different ages or abilities, or even if you want to invite some adult friends and family, a playground is the perfect venue.

Scout out the location beforehand. If you see picnic benches or a covered area, you may be able to reserve the space in advance. This is especially a good idea if you live in an area prone to rain. Be sure to set up in advance and bring all the supplies you need. You don’t want to forget the napkins at home.


Have a child born in the summer? What better way to celebrate than at the beach. If you can find a beach location that has a bit of a grassy area as well, this is the perfect area to set up a picnic. Bonus if you find a beach with a BBQ area, as well.

To really maximize your beach birthday party by the ocean, check when the tide will be in or out. Try to plan the party around the tide being out. This way you get much more sand and the chance to explore all the critters under the rocks. Tidal times can be found online.


Alright, it may not be fancy, but there’s nothing wrong with a backyard birthday party. Ask your neighbors for extra folding tables and lawn chairs. Set up a badminton net or croquet posts. The only limit to the guest list is how many people can fit in your yard.

The beauty of a backyard birthday party is you have everything you need just inside. There’s no need to worry about transferring all your supplies. What’s more, you can even serve hot cooked food whenever you want. Furthermore, if rain does decide to happen, just move on inside.

Kids Fun City

Kids want to move. They want to play and be active. One of the best places for kids birthday parties is Kids Fun City. You never have to worry about the weather or if kids will have fun or not. Fun is guaranteed at Kids Fun City.

No matter how many people your plan on inviting, there is a birthday package available. Furthermore, you can decide to bring your own food into the event, or make it extremely easy and opt for the food package. No matter what you decide, know that your child will have a memorable birthday party.