If you have kids, you’ll know that when they’re active they’re happy and healthy. Being active means their bodies can better regulate themselves and they’re also being given the chance to learn so much around them. Here are a few simple ways to keep your kids active.

Walk to school

Depending on how far away from school you live, walking is the easiest way to keep your kids active. If you’re not sure about how you or your kids will handle the walk to school, it’s best to just give it a try. Map out your path, give yourself plenty of time, and start trekking. If you can, link up with other families who walk to school to encourage your kids and show them the norm.

If your school is just a bit further away, you could also try biking to work, as this is another excellent way to keep your kids active. Teach your kids safety rules in advance, provide them with a cool helmet, and they’ll be happy to lead the charge.

You might think that it takes too much time to walk to school, but when you factor in the time it can take to navigate school traffic and finding a parking spot, really, walking is not much longer. Even if you only commit to walking once a day, it will help increase your kid’s activity levels.

Enjoy the playground

Do you know where the closets playgrounds are to you? Get out and start exploring. Even older kids can enjoy the playground as it’s a chance for them to experience their inner kid. There are more and more playgrounds that include natural substances, such as water and sand, which leads to even more creativity in kids. Ask fellow parents or teachers about where the best playgrounds are. Then, you can start visiting them and making it a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Dog walking

Do you have a dog? Perfect, it’s time for a walk. Don’t have a dog, then it’s time to ask around the neighborhood for one to borrow. Dogs need to be walked at least once a day, so why not have your kids join you to keep everyone active.

If you don’t have a dog, but your neighbor does, ask if you can walk them once a week. Chances are the owner will appreciate the break and it will also help teach your child the importance of being helpful to neighbors.

Turn off the TV

When your kid is watching TV, they are not being active. Turn it on and they have to move. Whether it’s just playing in their room or outside in the backyard, any movement is better than simply sitting on the couch. Kids don’t need to be sweating in order to be active. They just need to be kids.