Kids birthday parties are often an afternoon full of chaos. Between the sugary snacks, the yummy cake, and the excitement over opening presents, throwing a birthday party is more about survival than anything else. To help tame the chaos, have the kids engage in a common activity. By making an interactive birthday party, you can allow children to have fun while also leaving your house intact.

1. Get Them Crafting

There are so many fun crafts that kids can do, regardless of their age. If you have a superhero themed birthday party, have the kids make superhero masks at the beginning. Some basic masks can be found at any craft store. Supply markers, paint, glitter, and even feathers. Then, allow the creativity to flow. It will be messy, but the result will be something they can wear for the rest of the party and a great way to seque into some fun superhero games.

Painting birdhouses or beading a necklace are other great craft ideas and as a bonus, work as party favors that kids get to take home with them.

2. Get Them Active

There are many activities that make for an interactive birthday party. You can keep it simple by playing some soccer in the park. Games like capture the flag are fun and promote teamwork. Kickball is another simple game that doesn’t require a lot of setup.

If you want to get out of the house, there are lots of options. Swimming parties are a great idea. Most gymnastics clubs will offer birthday packages. If it’s winter, have a party at a local indoor children’s center. This way children can run around but you don’t have to stress about if it will rain or snow.

3. Get Them Singing

Karaoke is not just for adults on a Saturday night. There are many inexpensive karaoke machines built just for kids. You can make it part of the gift giving and surprise your child with an early present. Have the kids gather round and choose different songs to sing to. There are also some free websites that provide lyrics on a computer screen along with the backing tracks. If you don’t find yourself this organized, simply put on a Disney CD. Chances are the kids will be able to sing the hits from the latest Disney song without any prompts.

4. Get Them Moving

While big parties are fun to be had, there is still a lot of joy that can be found in simple party games. Fun staples like musical chairs and hot potato can be played with most ages and create an interactive birthday party. If you feel like the birthday party is getting a little too wild, take a quick exercise break. Run through some jumping jacks and toe-touching. This will focus kids energy and get them back on track.