Ah, Spring. The chance to unlock the doors and step out into much needed sunshine. No matter how blustery or even wet Spring can be, there’s a certain wonder to the season. New growth and new possibilities. If you’re wondering what adventures to get into this Spring, here are four Spring experiences your child must have.

Bird watching

Birds are all around us and it can be fascinating to stop and take a look. You can arm your child with a bird book and binoculars and spend hours looking for new species. Head to your local park or start exploring new areas, observing different types. Spring is the perfect time to look for baby birds, as well. You can set up a bird feeder in your back yard and watch to see who stops by. Check out trees for nests. Spring is the perfect season to learn about nature.

Team sports

Depending on where you live, it can be hard to join a team sport in the winter. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities in Spring. Whether it is baseball or soccer, there are plenty of local sports leagues to join. This is a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends, engage in some physical activity, and gain confidence from learning new skills.

One of the best Spring experiences that children can have is when they are involved in a team sport. Whether they are trying a new sport for the first time or returning to their favorite, it’s important to promote healthy competition with an emphasis on fun. Be supportive and let your child enjoy their time.

Discover new playgrounds

It can be quite amazing to learn how many playgrounds are in your neighborhood. While you probably have your favorite go-to spots, take the opportunity to visit new ones each week. Take a new route home from grocery shopping and keep your eye out for new spots. Ask friends for recommendations, or better yet, schedule a play date at a new playground. You can also go online and do a quick search of your local community. Your child will love the thrill of a new slide or climbing wall.

Celebrate with friends

For those with school-age children, Spring can mean the solidifying of new friendships. It can take a while for friendships to develop in class, but by Spring there’s a certain ease that kids will have with others. Now is the perfect time to promote those friendships. Take an afternoon to get everyone together. Head to the park or an indoor kids centre. The more opportunities you can create to bring your child and their friends together, the more lasting memories they’ll have.