why-exercise-is-important-for-kidsEnjoy the summer with your family! With so much time together, sometimes finding something to do can be challenging. Doing energetic activities together will help the whole family build memories and stay healthy. Kids need to be physically active, no matter the time of year. Do you know why exercise is important for kids? Exercise helps boost mood, maintain a healthy body weight, and helps with sleep. Not to mention, doing fun activities together builds happy memories that your children will enjoy for years to come.

The Ultimate List of Summer Activities for the Family

Ready for a water balloon fight or going for a hike together? Check out these great activities for your family. Chat with your kids. Tell them why exercise is important for kids. Let them choose the activities that they enjoy. Make this an educational and FUN summer for everyone!

  1. Enjoy a nature walk together
  2. Swim in the pool
  3. Family yoga
  4. Go on a family hike
  5. Birdwatching
  6. Have a water balloon fight
  7. Hide n Seek
  8. Tag
  9. Dance marathon
  10. Martial arts
  11. Indoor playground
  12. Canoe
  13. Kayak
  14. Enjoy a family jog
  15. Try family Tabata
  16. Go swimming at the beach
  17. Simon Says
  18. Do bodyweight exercises together
  19. Build a backyard obstacle course
  20. Go biking together
  21. Try a family scavenger hunt
  22. Fishing
  23. Basketball with the family
  24. Beginner gymnastics
  25. Musical Chairs
  26. Baseball
  27. Kickball
  28. Soccer
  29. Rollerblading
  30. Skateboarding
  31. Slumber party with massive pillow fights
  32. Try a fun workout video
  33. Dance together with a fun Just Dance video game workout
  34. Circuit workout at home
  35. Wheelbarrow racing
  36. Hopscotch
  37. Tennis
  38. Jumping jack marathons
  39. Juggling
  40. Walk the city together

Enjoy making memories and getting exercise with these fun summer activities. Whether you have young kids or teens, you will enjoy working out and having a good time!

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