It’s really nice when your child is in school all day long. You get a break while they get to have fun and open their minds to new ideas. And when a day comes along where your child is not in school, it means so much to make the day special. Whether it’s a professional day for teachers or a school holiday, here are a few ideas for when your child has a day off school.

Go for lunch

Your child is probably a bit tired of having the same ham and cheese sandwich for lunch five times a week. And you’re probably tired of making it. Head to your favorite restaurant for lunch instead. Allow them to order whatever they want and indulge in a big meal. Lunch isn’t often celebrated, but if there’s a free day involved, why not splurge?

Get baking

Make the most of when your child has a day off school by spending some quality time in the kitchen. Get out those recipes that need a lot of time, such as fresh-baked bread, or gooey cinnamon rolls. If you’re not fighting the clock, you have time to really savor each step.

Have your child prepare a menu for dinner for all their favorite foods. Then, help them craft the perfect meal. Instead of hastily whipping up dinner, spend the time crafting a full-bodied sauce, and roasting each vegetable to perfection.

Have some fun

Which kids center have you been missing the most? Check out your local mini-golf, arcade, or indoor kids center and make the most of your child’s day off from school. See if there is a friend or two that wants to come along and make it a group outing. Your kids will love the change of pace from sitting at school and will love a break from routine.

See a movie

It’s hard for kids to have a chance to go to the movie theatre. Their bedtimes need to be early mid-week for school, and weekends are often full of activities of family events. Check out what movies are playing at a matinee time when your kid is off from school. Enjoy popcorn and some snacks and a bit of child-parent bonding. Bonus if you get a say in what movie you watch!


What agencies need help and are looking for volunteer work? While you might be wanting to teach your child about the importance of giving back to the community, it can be hard to find time around school and other activities. See if the local food bank needs help sorting food, or if an animal shelter needs help. It’s never too early to teach children about empathy.