The end of school is an exciting time. It means warm weather, plenty of outdoor time, and most importantly, freedom. But don’t get too excited as school isn’t over yet. If your child can’t wait for summer but still needs to finish their school first, here are some simple ways to keep kids focused until the end of school.

Create a calendar

No matter how old your kids are, teaching them the basics of a calendar is a smart idea. Instead of having them constantly asking how long until school ends, they can have a nice visual to remind them. Start by writing out important upcoming dates. For younger kids, include stickers, such as a present, to let them know there is a birthday coming up.

Each day, kids can look at their calendar and cross out a day. This will help them see how much longer there is in school. This activity will help them better understand the concept of time. It will also help them with counting. A calendar will keep kids focused while also teaching them about their environment.

Keep them moving

Active kids are more focused. Keep kids active and they will be better able to regulate themselves. Whether it’s a trip to the local playground or an afternoon at an indoor kid’s center, the more kids can move, the happier they will be. While boredom is important, when it is paired with anticipation, it often leads to meltdowns. Kids can’t always regulate themselves, which then becomes a role for parents.

Stay present

It can be too easy to start dreaming about an exciting vacation, even for adults. And for kids, downright impossible to concentrate on anything else. But your job as a parent is to keep your kids in the present moment. There is a lot to be excited about in May and June and plenty of opportunities for fun. The more you can teach your kids about mindfulness and being present, the more they will enjoy what they are already doing.

Special activities

To help keep kids focused until school ends, keep them entertained with specific activities. Have them create a present or write a card for their teacher. Engage in some end of school baking to share treats with their classmates. Have your child create a correspondence group with their friends so that everyone knows how to keep in touch with each other over summer. The more tasks your child has to complete, the more focused they will be.

Be creative

There’s always a place for creativity. If your child just can’t stay focused with regular lessons, then it’s time to get creative. Create a scrapbook of all the finds from a nature walk. Make a movie or create a play. If you run out of ideas, just ask the experts in creativity: children.