Atomic Rush

Atomic Rush is Kid Fun City’s exciting arcade-style next-generation interactive game experience!  With the latest in touch LED technology, Atomic Rush offers you an experience unlike any other you’ve ever experienced.  We guarantee that you’ll have a blast taking on Atomic Rush’s many challenges!

Enter Atomic Rush, and you’re instantly surrounded by vibrant colors, exciting sounds and a thrilling, immersive experience.  With modes for one to four players, and multiple difficulty settings, you and your friends can compete for the highest scores!
Once inside, you’ll see stations full of LED light panels.  Pick a station—and your color—and the challenge will be on!  Your goal is to touch the panels in your color in order to get points.  If you touch a rainbow tile, you get bonus points.  At the end of the game, whoever has the most points wins!

The game changes based on your difficulty level.  On easy, you will stay at your station, and wait for your panels to light up.  It’s a matter of ensuring that you hit all your panels as quickly as you can, and you can focus just on the station in front of you.  On medium, your station will occasionally move around the room!  Commands will tell you where to go, as the station that will have your color will periodically change, requiring you to dash over to a new place to continue to score points!  On hard, you no longer have your own station—instead, your color can pop up anywhere in the room, and you’ll participate in a mad scramble to hit your LED panels no matter where they are!  With four players, it becomes madcap, extreme, intense fun!

Challenge your friends and go for the high score!  Experience the thrill of Atomic Rush as you go through the high-paced and exciting game modes.  You’ll want to play over and over again, as you learn new strategies and try to beat your old high score.

At Kid Fun City, we strive to provide out guests with award-winning attractions, thrilling games and fun-filled memories.  Atomic Rush is one of the highlights of our attractions; kids can’t get enough of it!  We are proud to be the first facility in Canada to offer this exciting, full-bodied arcade experience.  Come on down and try it out for yourself—you’ll fall in love with Atomic Rush!