5 Creative Halloween Treats For Kids

Halloween is the perfect time to get seriously creative with your kids. Change up your normal snack routine with some fun, Halloween-themes eats. These five creative Halloween treats for kids are a nice blend of nutrition and indulgence that will make everyone smile. Pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies treats Rice Krispies treats are a perennial favorite for kids. Turn them into one of our creative Halloween treats for kids by mixing in a bit of orange food die. Then, instead of placing the mixture in a pan, roll scoops of it into small balls. You can add a few chocolate chips to [...]

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How To Keep Kids Active But Safe

Safety is priority number one with kids, but it’s a fine line between being safety aware and becoming the dreaded helicopter parent. Here are a few ways to keep kids active but safe so that they can enjoy all the fun that childhood has to offer. Use appropriate language and stress that while children are safe, it’s always good to idea to prepare your child just in case. Protect the Head Head trauma can have lasting results, and sadly, its symptoms are often missed. Children should always wear a helmet when they are on a bike or scooter, and this [...]

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4 Ways To Transition To Fall For Kids

Summer is all about fun and excitement for kids, while Fall is a return to routines. It can be an overwhelming time for kids, but there are ways to help them transition to Fall. Wardrobe One important aspect when you transition to Fall with children is their wardrobe. Fall is a tricky season to dress for as it is usually chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and then cold at night. Layers are where it’s at for Fall clothing. You can put away the tank tops and bathing suits for kids but be sure to keep out t-shirts [...]

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Favorite Kids Halloween Traditions

Fall can be the last big chance to play outside, before the ice and snow of Winter hits. Halloween traditions help bring fun to the end of Fall and instill memories that will last forever. Trick or Treating There’s something absolutely special about being able to go outside when it’s dark as a kid. The thrill of being outside with other kids, all having fun, and not worrying about being called back for dinner or bath time. What’s more, you get to dress up which is always fun. Whether it’s a super hero, a witch, or an abstract, homemade costume, [...]

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How To Avoid the Word ‘Boring’ During Summer Break

Summer may be coming to an end, but there’s no doubt that the word ‘boring’ is still popping up. The transition from the daily structure of school to the wide-open hours of summer can be a lot for children to process and as a result they don’t quite know what to do with their free time. Adults, in turn, face pressure to combat this boredom. Here are few ways to avoid the word boring during summer break. Embrace Boredom First, know that it is perfectly fine for children to be bored. In fact, this is often where creativity shines. When [...]

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4 Interactive Birthday Party Activities

Kids birthday parties are often an afternoon full of chaos. Between the sugary snacks, the yummy cake, and the excitement over opening presents, throwing a birthday party is more about survival than anything else. To help tame the chaos, have the kids engage in a common activity. By making an interactive birthday party, you can allow children to have fun while also leaving your house intact. 1. Get Them Crafting There are so many fun crafts that kids can do, regardless of their age. If you have a superhero themed birthday party, have the kids make superhero masks at the [...]

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4 Reasons Children Love Free Play

There is so much learning to be had in play. This can seem counterintuitive, but play is the best way for children to learn. In particular, free play allows children to use whatever tools and toys they have around them and create their own game. They can play with others or play by themselves. But the point is that in free play, children decide what happens next. This freedom is exciting and it is where children develop. Here are four reasons why children love free play and why it should be encouraged. Imagination Children can imagine the unimaginable. Or so [...]

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3 Activities To Keep A Child Active When It’s Raining

Children need to be active during the day. Activity helps to regulate their body and allows for them to be tired enough to easily drift off to sleep. A lot of activity happens outside, where it’s easier for children to move around. But what to do when it’s raining? Here are some activities to help keep a child active when it’s raining. Go Outside As an adult, a rainy day means curling up with a good book and enjoying the solitude. But with children, it’s the opposite. So, dig in the closet for your rainboots and jacket, and go outside [...]

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Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

The constant refrain of, “I’m hungry” is enough to get on any parent’s nerve. And unfortunately, even if a child is hungry, chances are they actually want something unhealthy and full of sugar. It then falls to a parent or caregiver to look for creative ways to satisfy a child’s never-ending want of snacks. Here are a few healthy snack ideas to help you out. If you want even more ideas, check out here. Fruit Popsicles There’s nothing better on a hot day than an ice-cold popsicle. However, most store-bought popsicles are loaded with sugar. Even those that include real [...]

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3 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids naturally want to be creative. That’s the easy part. The hard part is for parents to think of ways to foster creativity. The good thing is that there are many easy craft ideas for kids. 1. Birthday cards Kids love birthdays. They love their own birthdays and they love celebrating other people’s birthdays. Keep up this enthusiasm by having your child make a birthday card for a friend or family member. Any paper will do, but construction paper or card stock will work the best. Fold the paper in half. Let your child decorate with markers and stickers. If [...]

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