3 Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Toronto

Looking for fun entertainment ideas for your kid’s birthday party? You want your child and guests to have a wonderful experience that they will remember for a lifetime. Make happy memories for your family. Plan the best party for your child. Are you wondering, “Where should I go for a Birthday Party?” Check out some of these great ideas for your child’s birthday from Kids Fun City. Lazer Friendly Fun Have older kids who love adventure and video games? Want to avoid attractions geared for smaller children? Think, “Where should I go for a birthday party for my tween or [...]

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25 Awesome Things to Do With Kids on Holiday Break

What can you do when a holiday break comes? Make enjoyable memories with your family. Spend quality time with your kids. Take the time to experience each and every moment. Enjoy numerous exciting things to do in Toronto. Enjoy Nature Together Whether you choose to grow an indoor microgreen garden, plant flowers in your backyard, or go for a solitary walk with your children at the park, enjoy the beauty of nature. Taking in nature can be one of the most refreshing things to do in Toronto. Avoid the busyness and stress of everyday life and work. Instead, slow down, [...]

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8 Great Exercise Ideas to Keep Your Kids Active This Winter

Keep your family active with these engaging activities. You will find that these fun ways to get kids active will help them stay happy and healthy. Exercise has many benefits like boosting mood, maintaining a healthy weight, and building wonderful memories. Families that exercise together build community and learn how to work together. Not to mention, a busy kid is not a bored kid! Keep Your Kids Active! Indoor Playgrounds – When cold weather gives your family the winter blues, bundle up your kids and go to a family indoor playground like Kids Fun City. Indoor attractions like Kids Fun [...]

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10 Super Fun Things to Do With Toddlers in Toronto

Planning to visit Toronto with your family and toddler? Toronto is an incredible destination for families, with world-class attractions, tours, and restaurants. Kids Fun City remains the largest indoor playground for toddlers in the region with exciting adventures for each child! Slide, Jump, and PLAY! When the Toronto weather makes it difficult to have fun outdoors with your toddler, check out Toronto’s premier amusement attraction Kids Fun City. With a designated indoor playground for toddlers, this exciting attraction allows toddlers ages one to three to enjoy a safe and fun time. Giant Playground and Slides Video Games Prize Zone Toddler [...]

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What Do You Do with Kids in the Winter?

Winter cabin fever can drive parents and kids crazy! Avoid being bored in your home all winter with these fun activities. Whether you check out an exciting indoor playground, go sledding, or try your hand at art, you can turn the winter blahs into winter awesomeness! Time to Play! Children stuck indoors for hours and hours on end can get restless, especially if they don’t have a place to get out excess energy. That can lead to trouble, fights between siblings, and whining. Avoid all of this by checking out an entertainment center indoor playground. These great attractions offer children [...]

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Where is the #1 Place to Take Kids for Fun in Toronto?

Looking for the best place to take your kid in Toronto? Kids Fun City is the premier amusement center in Toronto. With a wide array of exciting entertainment like Lazer Frenzy, Video Arcades, an impressive Indoor Playground, and Toddler Play areas, your family will enjoy hours of games, energetic exercise, and play! Check out just some of our most popular attractions. Toronto’s Top Indoor Playground No matter the time of the year, your children will enjoy hours of energetic play with our exciting indoor playground. Our massive amusement center boasts a wide array of thrilling games and kid-centered activities including: [...]

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5 Ideas For When Your Child Has A Day Off School

It’s really nice when your child is in school all day long. You get a break while they get to have fun and open their minds to new ideas. And when a day comes along where your child is not in school, it means so much to make the day special. Whether it’s a professional day for teachers or a school holiday, here are a few ideas for when your child has a day off school. Go for lunch Your child is probably a bit tired of having the same ham and cheese sandwich for lunch five times a week. [...]

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4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kids Active

If you have kids, you’ll know that when they’re active they’re happy and healthy. Being active means their bodies can better regulate themselves and they’re also being given the chance to learn so much around them. Here are a few simple ways to keep your kids active. Walk to school Depending on how far away from school you live, walking is the easiest way to keep your kids active. If you’re not sure about how you or your kids will handle the walk to school, it’s best to just give it a try. Map out your path, give yourself plenty [...]

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How To Celebrate Going Back To School With Kids

The nights are cooler. The mornings a bit longer. It’s time to get kids back on a bedtime routine and ready for school. Transitions can always be tricky for kids, especially younger ones. How you react to the coming school year can greatly affect how your children perceive this change. If you’re wondering how to celebrate going back to school with kids, we’ve got a few ideas to highlight this important milestone. One final hurrah Summer means endless opportunities for adventure. Why not celebrate going back to school with kids by giving them one last adventurous day. Plan a day [...]

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4 Best Places For Kids Birthday Parties

Birthday parties need a bit of planning to succeed. They only come around once a year, but they can still take parents by surprise. If you need to put together a party but want as little hassle as possible, here are four of the best places for kids birthday parties. Playground and Park Need a place where the kids can burn off all that cake energy? A playground is the perfect place for a kid’s birthday party. Sometimes birthday parties can have a pretty big guest list, and if you have kids of different ages or abilities, or even if [...]

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