There are many great Christmas traditions to be had with your children, but a lot of them require focus and attention, which can be too much for active children. Instead of dismissing your child’s need to move and be active, embrace it with a few of these fun Christmas traditions for active children.

Create a Wreath

A Christmas wreath is the perfect decoration for any door, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive, store-bought product. Instead, take your antsy children out into the woods (or neighbourhood park) and start collecting. There will be plenty of cedar and spruce boughs, hopefully a few holly sprigs, and lots of pinecones to choose from. Take your collected goods back home and start arranging. You can either use a piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle or find a foam board from a local crafts store. Give your kids plenty of white glue and the license to be as creative as possible. If you want to sprinkle on a bit of glitter at the end, it will truly dazzle any visitors that knock on your door.
Christmas Charades Game

The next time you have Christmas visitors, indulge in a bit of whimsy with a game of Christmas charades. In this version, kids can act out the titles of their favorite holiday movies, seasonal treats, and anything Santa-related. It allows them to be creative while also incorporate a bit of kinetic energy. Plus, it’s a great team game where participants of all ages can join in.

Take the Afternoon off from School

The last few days of school before Winter Break can be hard, both for students and teachers. There’s a lot of excitement in the air and concentration can be hard to come by. Instead, surprise your child with an afternoon off to go to their favorite indoor play area. Be sure to ask your child’s teacher which afternoon works would cause the least disruption. If you can keep it a secret, all the better. Parent-sanctioned school skipping is one of the best treats to give a child. It will truly create a memory they won’t quickly forget.

Make cookies

Baking cookies is one of the best Christmas traditions for children. Not only are they moving a bit, but they are also heavily focused and a great way to keep them at one task for a while. There’s a certain amount of focus that goes into measuring, sifting, stirring, and of course, sampling. Tailor the cookie baking to your child’s age by incorporating a bit of math and reading. If you make sugar cookies, prepare a bunch of colorful icing and let their creativity shine. This is a treat that everyone in the family can be a part of.