A family-friendly corporate event is the perfect opportunity to allow your employees to bond away from work.  It can help boost morale and improve productivity in the long run.  They key, of course, is to make the events interesting and fun in and of themselves – a range of events are important to keep things new and exciting.  Here are some of our favorite corporate event ideas to spice up your next company outing.

Raffles and Door Prizes

We all love to win stuff.  Offering a raffle or other sort of prize is a great way to get greater attendance; the chance to go home with a prize is enough to get some people to make the effort to come.  Give each employee one raffle ticket for attending, and allow them to purchase others – donating the money to charity or some office party fund.  You can raffle off things your company produces, or items donated by vendors you work with.  Door prizes can include small gifts and things such as buttons or keychains – fun swag.


If you have a more outgoing office, a karaoke party is a fun way to get everyone to have a good time.  It’s best to rent the equipment and bring it into your office or rented space, rather than go to a bar or restaurant – that allows you to control the environment and the atmosphere more.  Remember — if children are attending, there are some songs that won’t be appropriate, and renting equipment allows you to select certain songs as off limits.  Also remember that more introverted employees may not like the idea of getting up in front of people and performing, so a karaoke party shouldn’t be a mandatory event.

Picnic Games

Family-friendly games are a great way to get the entire company out and about.  Things like tug-of-war, three-legged races or a water balloon fight can be a fun way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.  It’s also a great way to incorporate kids, with events like egg races or wheelbarrow races.  The options are nearly limitless!