Family-friendly corporate events are a great way to raise morale in your business.  It allows your staff to attend your events without worrying about finding someone to take care of their children, and can serve as a quasi-vacation for busy families.  It promotes your business as one that cares about your employee’s home lives – important in improving not only their morale at the job, but also your reputation, allowing you to retain employees for longer and make yourself more attractive to quality employees from elsewhere.

Deciding to have a family-friendly event is one thing; planning it is another.  Kids Fun City has plenty of experience hosting family-friendly corporate events, and we have some tips to help ensure yours goes smoothly.

Pick the Right Venue

You’re looking for a venue that can entertain all different ages and interests.  Not all of your employees will have children of the same age, so picking a venue that appeals solely to either older or younger kids will leave some people out of the loop.  You want a venue that offers something for kids of all ages – and interest for adults, as well.  Kids Fun City is a great choice for an afternoon get together, while longer conferences could go at venues with pools, playrooms and spas.

Set Aside Family Time

So, you’ve scheduled a family-friendly event.  Make sure you block off time for people to actually spend time with their families, however – if you keep everyone in meetings or exercises the entire time, then the whole point of bringing families along is moot.  This can be the entire focus of your event – an employee appreciation party or trip, for example – or dedicated sections of a longer seminar or conference.

Provide Kid-Friendly Treats

If, say, your holiday party is to be kid friendly, the food needs to be kid friendly as well!  Goody bags or a kids table are great ways to include smaller kids in the festivities, and a non-alcoholic “cocktail bar” can give tweens and teens a chance to interact in a more grown-up way.