The nights are cooler. The mornings a bit longer. It’s time to get kids back on a bedtime routine and ready for school. Transitions can always be tricky for kids, especially younger ones. How you react to the coming school year can greatly affect how your children perceive this change. If you’re wondering how to celebrate going back to school with kids, we’ve got a few ideas to highlight this important milestone.

One final hurrah

Summer means endless opportunities for adventure. Why not celebrate going back to school with kids by giving them one last adventurous day. Plan a day at the beach complete with a delicious picnic. Invite their friends to an epic time at an indoor fun center. Hike a mountain with your brave outdoorsman. Whatever you choose to do, make it something big and exciting. Spend the whole day out, unencumbered by school bells and bedtime routines. And be sure to explain to your child that while this might be the last adventurous day this summer, it won’t be the last adventurous day ever.

Memory book

Summer was full of memories so be sure to cherish them. Gather up all of the pictures you took this summer and make something from it. There are now plenty of options to choose from. You and your child could make a photobook online. The software is relatively easy and it’s something that they can even do on their own.

Alternatively, print your digital files and make your own scrapbook. Include artwork that was done over the summer and ticket stubs to any events. For those that explored nature, press your favorite leaves and flowers to fill the pages.

Fall list

If your child is feeling a little bummed that summer is over, be sure to remind them about all the possibilities fall has to offer. Start with the school year and all the fun activities school has to offer. Then talk about fall activities such as picking apples, visiting the pumpkin patch, and eating delicious pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving.

Make a list of all that your child wants to experience this fall so they don’t forget. Be sure to consult that list each week to find a new, fall adventure.

Stay positive

The more excited your child is about going to school, the more excited they will be about learning, which will carry on for the rest of their lives. Life-long learning should be fun. The more kids and adults want to learn, the better the world will be. So keep referring to school in a positive light and your child will start wanting to celebrate going back to school.