Ask any parent which season they like the least and chances are the answer will be Winter. Winter is cold, it’s hard to do much outside, and it takes forever to get all the snow gear on. When you’re an adult, Winter is the perfect time to curl up with a good book and have a chill day. But kids seem to have a boundless amount of energy and can never sit still for very long. So, instead of dreading Winter, it’s time for parents to embrace it. Here are some ways you can have fun in the snow with kids.

Build A Snowman

There’s nothing more iconic in Winter than the sight of a snowman. Indeed, kids are able to find every last snowflake and build truly incredible creations. Help them out by showing them how to roll a ball. Then, be sure to scavenge around for the perfect sticks and stones to complete the arms and eyes. An old scarf and hat will make it seem like Frosty really is coming to life.

Build A Snow Fort

If there’s enough snow, then a snow fort is a must. You can create massive snow balls or chip away and create snow blocks. Create a door, and window and your kids have their very own snow fort. This is a great chance for the neighbourhood kids to get together, compile all their resources, and create an epic play structure.

If it’s cold enough for the snow fort to stick around all Winter, then be sure to add some accessories. A flag at the top is a great way to add personality. You can even use water-based paints and decorate the snow fort. Put the paint in a spray bottle for a cool graffiti look, or just use large paint brushes to create a masterpiece. The more ownership that kids have over their snow fort, the more they’ll play in it.

Look For Animal Tracks

After a new snowfall, be sure to spend the morning looking for animal tracks. Whether it is squirrels jumping around in the snow, the neighbour’s cat slinking around, or even some deer looking for nibbles, you never know what you can find.

Warm Up Inside

After everyone has had their fun outside and is sufficiently cold and wet, now is the time to head inside for a warm cup of hot chocolate. Pop some popcorn and the cozy time can commence. Hopefully your kids will have worn themselves out. If they’re still overexcited from the snow, then be sure to bring them to an indoor play center. Even in Winter, kids still need as much time as possible to play and be active. If they can’t be outside for long stretches of time, and your house is getting a bit too frantic, then head to Kids Fun City for an active afternoon.