Whether you need to escape from a cold winter’s day or cool off after a hot summer day, Kids Fun City is the perfect place for your kids to run around and have fun. If it’s your first time to Kids Fun City, or you need a refresher on what we have to offer, here are some important tips to make the most our of your next adventure.

Plan Ahead

Choice is great, but when you’re a little kid, too many choices can be overwhelming. To make the most out of your visit to Kids Fun City, have a little chat with your kid. Let them know all the options that are available and decide on which ones you want to do. You can even show them the website’s attractions page.

Kids can visit the Arcade Zone, play laser tag, go for a round of mini, golf, or engage in some free play at the Indoor Playground. Some of these activities take longer than others, so depending on how long you have, there just might not be enough time for them all. If you have a plan with your kid, it means they won’t be disappointed in not getting to do everything.

Also, be sure to check out the hours. Saturdays and Sundays Kids Fun City is open from 10AM to 6PM and Wednesday to Friday from 12PM to 6PM. Be sure to get there well before closing time to enjoy as much fun as possible.

Dress Appropriately

Kids Fun City is built so that your kid will move as much as possible. Be sure to dress your child in active wear so that they aren’t hindered by their clothes. Also, socks are mandatory. So, even if it’s summer and your kid is wearing a cute pair of sandals, make sure extra socks are packed along.

Come With A Friend

There’s no denying that play is better when you’ve got a friend around. Whether it’s a sibling or a school mate, the more kids the better. While there are some activities that parents can partake in, one of the benefits of coming to an indoor play center like Kids Fun City is that your kids can be entertained, and you can sit and relax. While there will be plenty of other kids running around, if your child is naturally a bit shyer, they might benefit from a friendly face to get them going.

Refuel At The Café

Playing can be hard work. If you’ll be at Kids Fun City for a while, stop and refuel at their café. It’s open Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 6PM. There you can find tasty treats and hydrating beverages. It’s also a perfect place for adults to sit and unwind for a little bit.