Lazer Frenzy

Lazer Frenzy is Kid Fun City’s exciting laser-maze attraction!  An arcade-style adventure, Lazer Frenzy is an exciting experience for kids of all ages.

Inside the maze, you’ll be tasked with completing a variety of objectives, while surrounded by a web of lasers.  With exciting music, brightly-colored lasers, haze and sound effects filling the room, your job is to compete against your friends to score the most points!  With multiple difficulty levels, the maze can be customized for every age group and every skill level.

There are four distinct mission types you can choose from!  The Spy mission is your standard, classic laser maze.  You’ll have to work your way around the lasers, making your way to one end of the room and back again as quickly as possible.  Along the way, you can hit light panels for extra bonus points, but be careful!  Breaking a laser beam will result in losing points, so you’ll have to balance speed and caution.  Team Spy is similar, only you’ll work with a partner to get through the maze.  Both of you must touch the light panel together for bonus points, so teamwork is essential.

Beam Dodger is a more high-intensity version of the classic spy mission.  The laser beams will constantly be changing, requiring you to duck, jump, and squirm through the maze to try to hit the light panels.  Every time you hit one, a new one will light up, and you’ll have to make your way across the room to hit that one!  It’s an intense, exhilarating challenge.

Beam Breaker takes the entire concept of the laser maze and flips it around!  Rather than trying to avoid the laser beams, you’ll have to do everything you can to break as many lasers as you can, while hitting the light panels to trigger new beams.  It’s an exciting twist on the laser maze style.

No matter what game mode you pick, or what your skill level is, you’ll love a fast-paced, heart-racing game of Lazer Frenzy.  A perfect combination of action, fun, speed, skill, agility and adventure, there isn’t anything that compares!  Your trip to Kids Fun City won’t be complete without a round or two in our laser maze—watch your friends on the exterior screen, and then go in and beat their high score!  You’ll love everything about the maze—come on down and give it your best shot!