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Mini Golf

Kids Fun City offers a wide variety of games, attractions and activities for you, your friends and your family to enjoy! One of our favorites is our seven hole park-themed indoor mini golf course. Perfect for any age to enjoy, and with parents playing free with their kids, we’re more than happy to offer unlimited play throughout our mini golf experience.

The goal in mini golf is to complete the course in as few strokes as possible, but with our ramps, bumps, “sand traps” and “water hazards” in the way, you’ll find that challenging! Bounce your ball off of our walls and angles, and find just the right path to get your ball into the hole, and you’ll win! But be careful; missing your shot might end up with your ball stuck in the rough or trapped in the water!

Can you be the next Tiger Woods? With your admission to Kids Fun City, you’re allowed to play the mini golf course as many time as you wish. You can compete with your friends, or just try to improve your score. Can you get a Hole in One on each hole, and become a true mini golf master? Practice makes perfect!

Kids Fun City offers a wide variety of attractions and entertainment for all of our guests. We strive to provide award-winning attractions, thrilling games and fun-filled memories to all our guests, their friends and their families. Our park themed mini golf course is one of our more traditional attractions, and it’s still just as much fun as ever. Play a round of golf, take a break to refuel at our snack bar, explore our other games like Atomic Rush, Lazer Frenzy or our Arcade Zone, and then come back for another try—you can play as many times as you want with your admission!

Come on down to Kids Fun City today—we’re the top indoor playground Toronto has to offer. Rain or shine, you can always get in a quick seven holes on our mini golf course. We look forward to meeting you, your friends and your family, and providing you with our wide variety of exciting games and attractions. You’ll see why we always say that Kids Fun City was built for family fun!

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