Turkey Glove Puppets

This is a great idea that will not only keep the kids occupied while they make their puppets. But when they are finished, they’ll have built-in entertainment ready to go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Inexpensive cotton gloves
  • Craft Feathers
  • Craft Felt (red and orange)
  • Scissors

First of all, don’t spend a lot of money on gloves. You can probably find some at Walmart or Target for just a few bucks. And if you can’t locate any craft feathers, that’s okay. Just use the felt and cut some out instead.

The steps are simple for this. Simply lay the glove on the table with the fingers spread like a hand that is placed palm-down. Then use the felt and scissors to cut out an orange beak and red waddle (the dangly part), and glue them to the thumb of the glove with the beak pointing outward.

Next, glue the feathers vertically on the fingers of the glove. Be sure to place them with the quill tips at the base of the fingers (around the third knuckle). And if you’d like to layer your feathers, it’s helpful to glue the largest feathers on the bottom, and then lay the smaller ones on top of them.

Turkey Toes
This is a fun one that is super easy and not nearly as gross as it sounds. Turkey toes are actually just a fun name for Candy Corn. And if you’ve got some of it still laying around the house after Halloween, giving them as Thanksgiving party favors is a great way to use up your remaining supply.

All you need to do is place a handful of “toes” in a plastic sandwich bag. Tie it up with a little ribbon and cut a small piece of blank paper to use as the label which will be taped to the bag.  Then let the kids create their own designs using crayons, colored pencils, or markers (if you’re brave). They can draw and write whatever they want. Or, if you’d like to keep things uniform, some websites offer free printable labels that the kids can color on their own.

Family Tree
Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and celebrate their love. Teach your children about their heritage and the importance of holiday gatherings by helping them create a family tree. This is an excellent activity for all ages and offers a wide range of possibilities. Feel free to go about this however you wish. The main idea is that the kids learn about their family and history.

Origami Turkey
Do you have teenagers at home who think they’re “too cool” for crafts with the little kids? No problem! Give them a stack of crisp computer paper along with instructions for making an origami turkey. Let them create a delightful decoration for each place setting at the family table.