The average adult spends 7.6 hours per day working, according to recent studies.  That’s a huge chunk out of anyone’s day, and it takes away significant time that could be spent with kids.  The same study shows that working adults in households with children under six spend just two hours per day providing primary childcare.  That number shrinks to 47 minutes for parents with children older than six.

It’s no surprise, then, that there’s growing support and desire for corporate events that can include the entire family.  Giving up rare personal time to attend a corporate event or get together can be a hard sell at times, but finding a way to include the entire family helps drive attendance up.

Working families into corporate events provide a massive ROI.  It makes employees more apt to go the extra mile to achieve goals and objectives – if the end reward is something the entire family can do together, it provides extra incentive for your employees to earn it.  It also creates a better sense of employee appreciation, satisfaction and engagement.  Recognizing employee’s families help increase their loyalty to your company.

It’s an old-school belief that you don’t mix business time with family time, but segregating those aspects of your employees’ lives is a recipe for making them despite their time spent on business.  By welcoming aspects of their personal lives into their work environment, you’re adding a level of quality you’d otherwise be lacking.

Not every event you hold needs to involve the whole family, but by bringing them into your corporate fold, you’re making your business a more attractive destination.  Your workers have lives outside of the office – allowing them to bring those lives into events outside the regular 9-5 grind is a way to increase happiness and satisfaction.  Consider hosting your next corporate event at Kids Fun City!