There are a number of very good reasons why you should consider making your next corporate event family-friendly.  It’s a relatively simple gesture to make on your part – simple, inexpensive and easy to organize – and can pay off in significant dividends, both tangible and intangible.

First and foremost, it shows that you care about your employees and their families.  It shows that you don’t think of them just as someone who comes and does work, but as people with lives outside of work.  It shows positive engagement with your employees, making it easier to retain them down the road – if they have a great opinion of you and your company, they’re less likely to leave.  It will also help attract more talent if your company gets the reputation of being one that truly cares about its employees.

People also act differently when they’re around people they love.  Rather than just being a bunch of people from work hanging out, which can be stiff and awkward at times, it becomes a more personal event.  That tends to trigger people to share more with one another and develop closer personal bonds.  It helps break down the barrier between the 9-5 job and home life; it makes your business part of your employee’s lives.  That, generally, leads to better relationships between your employees and their co-workers, improving the atmosphere and culture at your office and generally making people happier to show up to work every day.  Happy employees produce better results!

Finally, when kids and spouses are invited, people generally tend to be on their best behavior.  A recent Forbes survey indicated that 23 percent of people know someone who had been reprimanded for their behavior at a work party.  20 percent of people admitted to having too much to drink at a work event.  14 percent of people said they knew someone who had been fired because of their actions at a work party.  Making your party explicitly a family event will cut down on that kind of behavior.

Yes, a family-friendly event will cost a little more, but it provides a great return on investment.  It builds relationships between the company and its employees, builds a caring a family-friendly brand and prevents possible behavioral issues.   It pays off in spades to go that little extra step and bring in family.

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