Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

The constant refrain of, “I’m hungry” is enough to get on any parent’s nerve. And unfortunately, even if a child is hungry, chances are they actually want something unhealthy and full of sugar. It then falls to a parent or caregiver to look for creative ways to satisfy a child’s never-ending want of snacks. Here are a few healthy snack ideas to help you out. If you want even more ideas, check out here. Fruit Popsicles There’s nothing better on a hot day than an ice-cold popsicle. However, most store-bought popsicles are loaded with sugar. Even those that include real [...]

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3 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids naturally want to be creative. That’s the easy part. The hard part is for parents to think of ways to foster creativity. The good thing is that there are many easy craft ideas for kids. 1. Birthday cards Kids love birthdays. They love their own birthdays and they love celebrating other people’s birthdays. Keep up this enthusiasm by having your child make a birthday card for a friend or family member. Any paper will do, but construction paper or card stock will work the best. Fold the paper in half. Let your child decorate with markers and stickers. If [...]

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