4 Reasons Children Love Free Play

There is so much learning to be had in play. This can seem counterintuitive, but play is the best way for children to learn. In particular, free play allows children to use whatever tools and toys they have around them and create their own game. They can play with others or play by themselves. But the point is that in free play, children decide what happens next. This freedom is exciting and it is where children develop. Here are four reasons why children love free play and why it should be encouraged. Imagination Children can imagine the unimaginable. Or so [...]

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3 Activities To Keep A Child Active When It’s Raining

Children need to be active during the day. Activity helps to regulate their body and allows for them to be tired enough to easily drift off to sleep. A lot of activity happens outside, where it’s easier for children to move around. But what to do when it’s raining? Here are some activities to help keep a child active when it’s raining. Go Outside As an adult, a rainy day means curling up with a good book and enjoying the solitude. But with children, it’s the opposite. So, dig in the closet for your rainboots and jacket, and go outside [...]

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