5 Creative Halloween Treats For Kids

Halloween is the perfect time to get seriously creative with your kids. Change up your normal snack routine with some fun, Halloween-themes eats. These five creative Halloween treats for kids are a nice blend of nutrition and indulgence that will make everyone smile. Pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies treats Rice Krispies treats are a perennial favorite for kids. Turn them into one of our creative Halloween treats for kids by mixing in a bit of orange food die. Then, instead of placing the mixture in a pan, roll scoops of it into small balls. You can add a few chocolate chips to [...]

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How To Keep Kids Active But Safe

Safety is priority number one with kids, but it’s a fine line between being safety aware and becoming the dreaded helicopter parent. Here are a few ways to keep kids active but safe so that they can enjoy all the fun that childhood has to offer. Use appropriate language and stress that while children are safe, it’s always good to idea to prepare your child just in case. Protect the Head Head trauma can have lasting results, and sadly, its symptoms are often missed. Children should always wear a helmet when they are on a bike or scooter, and this [...]

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