How To Countdown The New Year With Young Children

Staying up to midnight is a fun tradition, but with children, not always practical. If you want to ring in the new year with your kids, but also have them not be cranky, sleep-deprived monsters the next day, here are a few family-friendly activities you can do. Count Down to a Different Time Zone If you live in the Western Hemisphere, you’re one of the last people to countdown to midnight. This means that other places, like Beijing, Paris, and London will have already counted down. You can livestream or record these celebrations and then use them for an earlier [...]

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Best New Year’s Resolutions For Kids

A new year means a chance to start new habits that will hopefully continue throughout the year. And new year’s resolutions are not just for adults. Children can get in on this habit. Here are a few ideas to get your child started. Limit Screen Time Limiting screen time is arguably the number one issue that parents struggle with. Today’s generation lives on the internet and there are many benefits that it has, but too often screen time comes at the cost of creativity, activity, and socialization. When talking about screen time with your children, make sure they are involved [...]

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