4 Spring Experiences Your Child Must Experience

Ah, Spring. The chance to unlock the doors and step out into much needed sunshine. No matter how blustery or even wet Spring can be, there’s a certain wonder to the season. New growth and new possibilities. If you’re wondering what adventures to get into this Spring, here are four Spring experiences your child must have. Bird watching Birds are all around us and it can be fascinating to stop and take a look. You can arm your child with a bird book and binoculars and spend hours looking for new species. Head to your local park or start exploring [...]

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3 Delicious After School Snacks

After school, kids get hungry, but what do you give them when dinner is only a few hours later? While kids might be craving some sweet treats, this is prime time to give them a nutritious snack. They’ve just had a major workout from learning and also need enough fuel to make it to bedtime. Here are a few delicious after school snacks to satisfy your little one’s hunger. Fresh fruit It may seem simple, but fruit is the perfect after school snack. Whether it’s apples in the fall, oranges in the winter, strawberries in the spring, or blueberries in [...]

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