Party Desserts for Kids

Tired of the same-old, same-old desserts at your latest parties?  Want to give your child's next big event something special?  Here are some great dessert recipes that will give people something to remember! Gelatin Aquarium This underwater ecosystem (made entirely of candy, gum, and gelatin) is a party showstopper. It’s easier than it looks, too, though it'll still take about 10 minutes per aquarium to make, and they need to chill for a few hours before they're ready.  They won't soon be forgotten, though – and they're great if your party has some kind of aquatic theme. Get the recipe [...]

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4 Great Food Options for Kids Parties

Whether it's a birthday party, a summer celebration or a sleepover with a bunch of friends, food takes a party to the next level!  Kids can be picky at times, and finding the right thing for a whole kit and caboodle can be a challenging task.  Here's some of the best food options for a major party: Pizza Of course the top option was going to be pizza.  Very, very few kids don't enjoy at least some kind of pizza, and the wide variety of toppings available means finding options to match any dietary restrictions and preferences to be a [...]

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The Best Store-Bought Icing for Birthday Cakes

We’ll let you in on a little secret here if your promise not to tell anyone – making home-made icing for birthday cakes is a chore we don’t always have time for.  It’s much, much, much easier, even if you’re baking the cake from scratch, to use store-bought icing.  It’s very, very simple; no hand mixer or effort required. That being said, not all store-bought icing is made equal.  Through a rigorous process of scientific investigation – or, rather, a long taste-test process – we’ve narrowed down a couple of the very best options for store-bought icing.  The next time [...]

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