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4 Things to Look For in a Great Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds are a great place for kids to have a great time, no matter the weather.  They can expend their energy in a safe, controlled environment, and have a great time while doing so!  But which indoor playground is best for you and your kids? Obviously, we're biased – we think Kids Fun City is the best playground for miles around!  But you don't have to take our word for it.  Here are some of the things you should be looking for in a great indoor playground: A Wide Variety of Activities An indoor playground shouldn't just appeal to one age [...]

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Beating the School Year Blues

For most of us, school is about to start – it's the last precious few weeks of summer vacation before the daily grind starts up for another year. School can have a draining effect on kids, even after they come home.  Homework can drain them to the point where they want to do nothing more than stare at the TV screen all day long.  You can fight this brain drain, though!  It's a good idea to keep your kids active, both physically and mentally.  Here are some tips to beat those school year blues and keep your kids entertained and [...]

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Safety at Indoor Playgrounds: Why It’s Important and How You Can Ensure It

You may think that indoor playgrounds are naturally quite safe for children but unless the right measures have been taken by the management, this is not always the case. Make sure your son or daughter is never in any danger when you take them out for the day by checking out each playground in town that you are thinking of visiting. Making Sure Your Children Are Safe at Indoor Playgrounds in Toronto The importance of safety goes without saying as far as most parents are concerned but if you’re not sure why you need to check, consider the many hazards [...]

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