Kids need to be active. We all know this, but sometimes it can be hard to motivate kids to get going. While smaller children seem to be constantly on the move, school-age kids start living a more sedentary life. But as parents and caregivers, it’s our job to motivate them to move. So, how is this possible? The best way to provide a great workout for kids is by making it fun. And Lazer Frenzy is non-stop fun.

There’s a maze!

With Lazer Frenzy, kids are always on the move. After choosing one of the four types of mazes, kids need to quickly get from one end to the other. But, along the way they need to duck and dodge the lazers. Quick feet are needed and a fair bit of balance. And, there are bonus points if you can reach the end the fastest.

Team Work

Working together is a great motivating factor to get kids moving. While some of the maze options in Lazer Frenzy pair kids against kids, you can also opt for the partner version in Team Spy. In this escapade, kids must work together as partners to complete the challenges. No kid gets left behind, and everyone wins.

A Spectator Sport

Some kids are hesitant about trying new experiences. And if they’re not used to physical activity, they may opt to sit out their Lazer Frenzy journey. Instead of trying to push or bribe your kid into taking a turn, simply let them watch the action. The Lazer Frenzy races are broadcast on a screen at Kids Fun City. One round of watching all the action should be enough to persuade any kids to take a turn. As well, there’s nothing better than seeing your friends have fun that will inspire your child to want to join in.

All Abilities

Some kids want even more of a physical challenge, which is why Lazer Frenzy is perfect. For older, more agile kids, they can choose the Beam Dodger maze. This option is high-impact, high-intensity, and will sure to tire any kid out. In Beam Dodger, the beams are constantly moving. While one might be low, the next might be high. Kids have to quickly react or risk having their score lowered. The race to the finish line is truly thrilling.

And don’t worry if your child isn’t up for the super challenging Beam Dodger. That’s the beauty of Lazer Frenzy. No matter a child’s size or ability, there is an option for everyone. Plus, even if they need to take a break from the fun, they can still watch the races in progress on the screen. Everyone gets to participate and have inspiration to keep moving.