4 Fun Indoor Activities for Children

The cold, wet, dark months of winter fast approaching. As a result, it can be hard to find new ways to entertain children. And children with too much energy and nowhere to release it usually leads to a lot of frustration. This is true for both for children and parents. Here are four fun indoor activities that you can do with your children over the winter months. Miniature Golf Miniature golf is a fun sport to play with kids, and most courses are thankfully inside. You can play a few rounds, have a bite to eat, and even check out [...]

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Christmas Traditions for Active Children

There are many great Christmas traditions to be had with your children, but a lot of them require focus and attention, which can be too much for active children. Instead of dismissing your child’s need to move and be active, embrace it with a few of these fun Christmas traditions for active children. Create a Wreath A Christmas wreath is the perfect decoration for any door, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive, store-bought product. Instead, take your antsy children out into the woods (or neighbourhood park) and start collecting. There will be plenty of cedar and spruce boughs, [...]

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