Gardening activities come to mind as soon as spring has spring. As the snow melts and the days grow longer, it’s important to get children outside and into nature. One way to get children excited about the outdoors is by involving them in a garden. Gardens don’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Indeed, the best gardens are simple labors of love.

Read on to find fun gardening activities that any child will love. They all start with a bit of guidance from an adult, but once your child becomes immersed in the world of gardening, they will start to take the activities on themselves.

1. Plant a Vegetable Garden

No matter what climate you live in, there will always be some form of vegetable that you can grow. Peas love cooler weather. Peppers love hot summers. And carrots can grow just about anywhere. The same goes for space. If you have a huge backyard and can commit a large space to a vegetable garden, great. If you have just a patio, it’s possible to have tomatoes grow in a planter.

The point is that anyone can grow a vegetable garden including children. Start seeds inside small pots indoors and children can watch in amazement as they start to sprout. Transfer them outside after the frost and children can be in charge of watering. Then, once they’re ready, pick and eat the vegetable straight from the garden. Even the pickiest of eaters will cheer in excitement that their hard work has paid off in a tasty treat.

2. Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the perfect flower to grow as they are a complete life cycle. Beginning from just a small seed, these mammoth flowers are sure to delight children.

They can be started inside and transplanted to a larger patch of dirt. Children can watch in amazement as the flower continues to grow and almost touch the sky. Sunflowers tower over everyone, and it’s always incredible to think that you’ve grown something taller than yourself.

Then, once the sunflower starts to fade, the seeds can be harvested. Roast and salt some for a tasty snack. But be sure to save some for the next year when the growing cycle can begin all over again.

3. Create a Butterfly Garden

The best gardens combine both flora and fauna. There are many flowers that will attract butterflies and what child doesn’t delight in these winged insects? Plants like cosmos, lavender, and daisies have large, bright flowers that will attract butterflies. They are also easy to tend and great for beginner gardeners.

If you’re worried that butterflies won’t find your garden, you can give them a little help. Butterfly kits are readily available online. As a bonus, they can be shipped in larvae form, so children can learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Once they have transformed, the butterflies can be released into the garden. Children can watch them flutter around and be proud that they have given these majestic insects a proper place to play in.