//Birthday Party Ideas for All Ages

Birthday Party Ideas for All Ages

Birthday Party Ideas for All AgesBirthdays are important days for all ages, but perhaps they’re most important for young kids.  After all, each birthday is a new and unique experience as a child, and each celebration should be equally unique and special.

Here are some great ideas for birthday parties for every age from 1-6, from our friends in the Toddler Zone up through the kids who have fun on our indoor playground.  And remember, for kids of all ages, you can book a private room at Kids Fun City for the best birthday experience in town!


Honestly, for one-year olds, the most important part of birthday party planning is ensuring plenty of time for naps and room for kids to calm down.  Small and simple should be the buzzword here – but that doesn’t mean not special.  A nursery-rhyme themed party makes a lot of sense; perhaps “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with hanging cardboard stars with plenty of glitter!


By the time your child is two, they probably have a favorite thing, be it a character, toy or animal.  This is a great thing to build your party around, with decorations and foods themed after Elsa or trains or pandas or whatever it is your child is going crazy over.


By three, kids begin to pick their hobbies that will last throughout childhood, making a third birthday party a great chance to celebrate that.  Some kids are nature-lovers, and a trip to the park, beach or zoo makes great sense.  Others love sports, so a trip to a Blue Jays or Maple Leafs game can make a lot of sense.  Pick a venue that celebrates what they love the best.


Four-year-olds are filled with energy, making a trip to an indoor playground a fantastic idea!  This is a great year for a dressup party – superheroes, pirates, princesses, whathaveyou; a fun theme with fun costumes can kick a birthday party up to another level entirely!


Once your kids enter kindergarten, their circle of friends begin to blossom.  A group activity – be it a trip to the bowling alley or laser tag or something of that nature – is a great way to keep those friendships blooming!


By the time your kids are six, they can both handle more complicated party ideas and are looking for more involved ways to have fun!  A scavenger hunt or other game or contest is a great central point for kids of this age; with the grand prize, of course, being a trip to Kids Fun City!