//How To Prevent A Toddler Meltdown

How To Prevent A Toddler Meltdown

We’ve all been there. Out in public and next to you is a screaming toddler. You don’t want to acknowledge it, but that toddler belongs to you, and somehow you need to deal with the situation.

There is no easy way to deal with a toddler meltdown, but there are ways to prevent one from happening. How to prevent a toddler meltdown may not always be possible, but by focusing on food, sleep, and activity, you can lessen the chances of it happening.


Toddlers have little stomachs, and they need to be constantly refilled to sustain their energy. While adults may be able to go without eating between meals, toddlers are quite different. It is quite normal for a toddler to need a snack every hour.

What food is in those snacks and meals, is of extreme importance. Sugary treats are ok every now and then, but they should be given sparingly. Rather, the focus of each meal or snack should be on nutritious food.

We all know that fruit and vegetables are important, but so is protein. It takes the body longer to break down protein, so its nutrients are given as energy throughout the day. Protein can be meat, but it can also be nuts, beans, and legumes. It may come as a surprise, but quinoa, a plant, has 14 grams of protein per 100 grams.

If you have a picky eater, don’t despair. Banana bread filled with flax seeds and bran flakes can have a few chocolate chips to make it seem like a special treat, rather than a nutritious snack. You might have to be a bit creative, but make sure that the food your toddler receives keeps their energy levels in check.


Everyone gets cranky when they don’t sleep. Even adults. It’s important to keep a sleep schedule for your child to prevent a toddler meltdown. This can be hard because it is during toddlerhood that children often stop napping. If this happens, it’s important to adjust their bedtime accordingly.

Toddlers don’t often sleep in, even if they are really tired. And while you can’t control when they wake up in the morning, you can control when they go to sleep at night. It may seem too early for you, but most toddlers should be in bed by 7:00PM. This is especially true if they don’t nap.


One of the best ways to prevent a toddler meltdown is to engage them in physical activity. Too much screen time is not good for a number of reasons, and one of them is that toddlers need an outlet for their energy.

Toddlers are designed to run and play. Ask a toddler to walk somewhere and it usually involves jumping and skipping, too. So make sure to allow your child a chance to be energetic. Shake those sillies out.

Physical activity allows a child to breakdown any excess sugar they have in their body. It aids in digestion, and produces endorphins, which make you feel happy. Being active puts a smile on everyone’s face.